Thursday, 10 April 2014

Receiver Review For PC

Created in the 7 day FPS challenge and later released onto Steam, The Receiver created by Wolfire Games is something that can only be described as the most realistic gun mechanics mixed with a tense action in first person shooter and one i am really happy i found.

The basis of the game is you wander throughout a procedural generated world, looking for ammunition and tapes which you can listen too and tell a sort of story. The main opposition you will encounter and repeatedly get attacked by are gun turrets and flying bots; which wiz all over the place in attempt to tazer you. Perma death is employed in this game and rightly so in my opinion, it adds that extra layer of tension every time you turn a corner and with every world/life being different. Definitely makes the game that bit better and spontaneous to enjoy!

The pinnacle feature of this game is the high level of detail into the gun mechanics and how you can independently operate each part of the gun from loading to firing. You control unloading the clip, loading the clip with each bullet you have in your inventory, loading it into the gun, cocking the gun and aiming ready to fire. I think this is remarkably unique and tricky as i had to use the "?" help button for the first dozen or so times playing but the satisfaction you get from loading the gun first time with no hiccups without any help is immense and well enjoyed.

The game itself has no heads up display making the phrase "make every shot count" that bit more relevant in Receiver.

The graphics of The Receiver are nothing to be excited about yet the simplicity of the style really adds due to the level of detail to the game play and personally i found this to be a great attribute of the game. The textures are repeated and plain to say the least.

The soundtrack does a really good job of piecing together those action moments and the entire feel to the game and environment you are in and the sounds via the gun play are rich and have that real gun feel when shooting individual rounds trying to hit a target.

I want to give Receiver a 8.5.

I feel like this game is something everyone should play at least once to say they have truly experienced some of the best gun based mechanics in a game; mixed with the excellently drawn out tension of perma death and randomly generated environments.

Receiver: 8.5/10

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